August Recruitment Events

August Recruitment Events

MBA Information Session in Tokyo Tokyo 04/08/2019
Forté Forum in Washington DC Washington DC 12/08/2019
Forté Forum in Houston Houston 13/08/2019
Information Session in Hong Kong Hong Kong 13/08/2019
MBA Information Session London 14/08/2019
Masters in Finance Information Session London 14/08/2019
Early Career Programmes Information Session London 14/08/2019
Forté Forum in Boston Boston 15/08/2019
Executive MBA Information Session London 15/08/2019
Information Session in Singapore Singapore 15/08/2019
Information Session in Sao Paulo Sao Paulo 15/08/2019
Dinner in Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur 16/08/2019
Women in Business Evening in Sao Paulo Sao Paulo 16/08/2019
Forté Forum in Los Angeles Los Angeles 19/08/2019
Information Session in Santiago Santiago 19/08/2019
Information Session in Bangkok Bangkok 20/08/2019
LBS Sloan Dinner in London London 20/08/2019
Faculty Masterclass in Dubai with Haydn Pound Dubai 21/08/2019
Information Session in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires 21/08/2019
Reception in Jakarta Jakarta 21/08/2019
Reception in Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City 21/08/2019
Forté Forum in San Francisco San Francisco 22/08/2019
Forté Forum in Toronto Toronto 26/08/2019
Information Session in Beijing Beijing 26/08/2019
Information Session in Lima Lima 26/08/2019
Webinar: EMBA London – How to Submit a Strong Application and FAQs Online 27/08/2019
Forté Forum in Chicago Chicago 27/08/2019
Information Session in Shanghai Shanghai 27/08/2019
Webinar: MBA Information Session Online 28/08/2019
Forté Forum in New York New York 28/08/2019
Information Session in Bogota Bogota 29/08/2019
Information Session in Taipei Taipei 29/08/2019
Early Career Student Perspective (on-campus) London 30/08/2019
Admissions Workshop in New York New York 30/08/2019
QS MBA Tour in Mexico City Mexico City 31/08/2019

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