Checking in to the MAM CV Clinic

by Yasmine Ali, Recruitment Manager, MAM

As part of our Early Career portfolio, we have launched the Masters in Analytics and Management (MAM) programme, the first intake starting in August 2019. The programme involves a combination of applied data analytics, machine learning and business and management.

This unique one year programme enhances the essential skill set that is in high demand from recruiters; equipping you with a detailed knowledge of data analytics along with strong business acumen.

When applying to the programme, we’re looking for candidates to submit a CV which conveys they are effective team players with an interest in becoming keen communicators, able to translate wide-ranging technical information to management in a compelling manner.

Your CV check list:

  • Clear timeline– For both education and work experience in chronological order
  • CV structure– In order with the most recent first, clearly spaced out into sections (Education, Work experience and Leadership and Skills) in a clean and simple format
  • Must include graduating date & GPA– Date should be xx/xx/xxxx and the GPA formatted as X/4

The must do’s:

  • Perspective: Think about how the recruitment and admissions committee will process the information you have illustrated in your CV.
  • Relevance: Candidate needs to demonstrate the module breakdown, work experience and/or internships that illustrate why they specifically stand out. Outline the relevant elements of the work you have done and how it can tie into the MAM and be of use to you through this academic journey.
  • Evidence: Outline clear examples of how you made an impact with your work. Showcase measurable achievements through achieved targets or percentages.


Once you have created your CV in this format, you can submit it for review from our Recruitment team here, or please feel free to get in touch with any enquiries that you might have.

We look forward to receiving your CV!


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