EMBA-Global block weeks: What do they look like?

by Ashley Curry, Admissions Manager, LBS Sloan Masters & EMBA-Global programmes

It has been a wonderful summer at LBS, so none of us can complain. For the past several months we have enjoyed sunny skies, and warm weather. It was perfect timing to welcome our diverse EMBA-Global students for their August block week. As the new Admissions Manager for EMBA-Global, I was particularly excited to join our new students for a week of Orientation, an alumni panel, lunches together and, last but not least, classes!

What is a Block week?

EMBA core courses are taught in intensive four or five day blocks once per month. Classes alternate between London Business School and Columbia Business School (EMBA- Global Americas and Europe), while they additionally alternate between these institutes and Hong Kong University for the EMBA-Global Asia group.

They are both academic and social in nature. The block weeks of study are an opportunity each month to deep dive into intense study, work with world renowned faculty, and also explore the host city with fellow classmates. EMBA-Global students enjoy the speedy camaraderie they build with their class, and describe the block weeks as something they truly look forward to each month.

What does the first block week look like?

During Orientation, the Programme office and Admissions group worked together to the host the Admin Fair and lunch which took place on day one. There was also representation from the VISA & Finance team, the gym, Alumni Relations/Advancement, IT, and the Global Business Assignments team.

The different departments were set up in booths which circled the main dining hall, giving students the opportunity to address any questions or concerns before jumping into studies that week. The EMBA-Global programme team also put on a BBQ later in the week with lots of great food, drinks, games, and even a photo booth.

The day kicked off with a tour of the school and various campus locations lead by myself, and Senior Admissions’ Manager, Linden Selby. I must admit that my group accidentally set off the fire alarm in the gym…needless to say it was an exciting tour and we all know what door not to open from now on!

After enjoying a marvellous lunch in the dining hall, the students were presented with an EMBA-Global alumni panel who gave encouraging advice. They described their experience as an incredible opportunity which gave them area expertise, competence, clarity on where they should direct their focus and a new found confidence in themselves. The panel was moderated by Jane Charlton, who directs Career Management for Leadership programmes and the panel members were EMBA-Global alumni: Chris Gomm (2016), Ekta Malhotra (2015) and Faaran A. Irfran (2019).

What were some of the key points of advice from the alumni panel?

  • Go out more with your class mates during block week… Enjoy London, New York, Hong Kong and what these cities have to offer!
  • Choose a few electives outside of your comfort zone to enhance your diversity and meet new people in other industries.
  • Explore yourself throughout the process. Keep challenging what you believe and stay open.
  • Interact with alumni outside your cohort and class year (keep going to coffee chats, meet ups, clubs and events).
  • Utilise your alumni network throughout the entire process and keep connecting with new people.

We all look forward to welcoming our EMBA-Global students during the London block week in October!


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