Embracing a Global Community: London Business School and the City That Surrounds It

By Will Albright, MIFFT2024

One of the real comparative advantages of LBS over other top-tier business schools, especially back home in the US, is the internationally diverse community fostered here. Here are a few reasons why an internationally diverse community matters so much, both at LBS and London as a whole.

Cultural Connections, now and forever:

LBS is a mini United Nations, with students from all corners of the globe. My programme, the Full-time Masters in Finance (MiF) 2024 class, has 40+ nationalities represented in a class of 135. Interacting with classmates from different backgrounds is not just about making friends—it’s about gaining completely new perspectives and insights that you would not be able to access through your own experiences. Sharing stories, traditions, and even cuisine with classmates from around the world broadens your horizons and helps you love and appreciate the global community surrounding you at LBS. Looking beyond the time you spend on campus, the connections you make at LBS extend far beyond graduation. You will join an alumni network spanning the globe, and you’ll have access to a diverse pool of professionals in virtually every industry and geographic location.

Global Mindset:

In today’s interconnected world, a global mindset is a must-have. At LBS, you’re learning alongside real people with real experiences in different markets around the world. Navigating language skills and cultural differences while finding common ground with your classmates is an invaluable experience that will serve you well in any future career, whether you’re leading a multinational team or working with clients from diverse backgrounds. Here are a few of my “global” experiences in the classroom that stand out thus far:

  • International Macroeconomy course with 15+ nationalities in the 40-person classroom, including central bankers from several different countries deepened the learning for everyone on the course.
  • As an American, being able to sit in my Emerging Markets course with people from almost every case study country/region has made the content much more tangible and allowed for deeper understanding and connections with classmates.

London Beyond LBS:

London’s status as a global financial hub attracts talent and investment from around the world. As a global city, London’s connectivity with other major hubs around the world strengthens its position as a center for business, finance, and culture. London’s multiculturalism is absolutely one of its greatest strengths, enriching its cultural landscape and making it a vibrant and inclusive city. This means that even after your time at LBS is complete, you will have the opportunity to recruit and remain in one of the most globally diverse cities in the world, with an extremely international workforce. LBS is a tremendous reflection of the city in this respect, and the ability to leverage an LBS degree into a job in London was a major factor in my decision to apply and attend.


From my perspective, the international community is one of the most important factors allowing both London Business School and the city of London to evolve and continuously thrive. Embracing diversity is about recognizing the richness that different perspectives, cultures, and experiences bring to the table. I know that the interactions and experiences I have had thus far at LBS have made me a much more empathetic, globally-aware and professional person, and I am so excited for that portion of my education at LBS to continue. Whether you’re a student at LBS or an alumni living and working in London, take pride in the diverse global community that surrounds you—it’s what makes this city and this school truly special.

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