Executive MBA Dubai: Orientation and reflections so far

By Executive MBA Dubai 2024 students

Dina Aljuaid, EMBADJ2024

As a first-year Executive MBA student at London Business School, I had the pleasure of attending orientation week. This week was an exciting experience that marked the beginning of my journey towards achieving my career goals. The orientation week helped me gain a better understanding of what to expect during my time at the school and the numerous opportunities available to me.  I had the pleasure of meeting a diverse group of classmates from different backgrounds and industries, I was impressed by the school’s efforts to foster diversity and inclusiveness. The different cultures and backgrounds made the learning experience richer and more engaging.

We had the chance to network and build relationships with faculty, and alumni who shared their experiences and insights on how the program would benefit us. The orientation week was well-structured and informative. We had numerous sessions covering various topics such as leadership, communications, and ethics. The sessions were led by experienced professors,  career coaches, and professionals who provided us with invaluable insights into different areas that would be significant during and after the program. I also appreciated the networking opportunities available, which allowed us to establish connections with alumni in my intended post-MBA industry.

Overall, the orientation week was an immersive and exceptional experience. I felt more prepared and excited to begin my Executive MBA program. The events and sessions were well-planned and thoughtfully executed, and I learnt new skills, developed my existing ones, and established valuable connections. I am looking forward to the rest journey at London Business School, and I am grateful for the experience that orientation week provided me.

Noor Rizvi, EMBADJ2024

As a busy and seasoned professional seeking to increase my knowledge and business acumen, all whilst juggling a full-time career, family and other commitments, London Business School was the ideal choice to embark on my Executive MBA journey. The program offers an incredibly well-structured schedule and curriculum which allows you to prioritize all of your commitments whilst extracting the best possible value.

The admissions process was smooth and transparent, and the admissions team do an incredible job coordinating with you at the various stages, always ready to provide any support and clarifications you may need. The orientation week in London delivers great exposure and is an opportunity to network with key faculty, administrators, fellow students (both with yours and the London cohort) and alumni.

Spending the block weeks with my cohort in Dubai has enabled me to not only strengthen and hone my skills and learning through access to great courses and faculty but has also empowered me to make, foster and sustain strong friendships with my fellow classmates which I know will be with me a lifetime. London Business School is more than just an institution – it’s a community. 

Abdulkarim Alzakari, EMBADJ2024

The LBS orientation week in London was such a great way to start the EMBA. It was well organized and packed with motivating and thoughtful activities that helped us kick start and build lasting connections with both cohort members (London and Dubai). Meeting so many great minds, working with them and getting to learn from them is a privilege.

The experience energized us all and got us back into the learning zone effectively. An unforgettable week and a truly thoughtfully organized orientation.

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