Finance@Work: Investments in Emerging Markets

by Monica Valdes Zauner, MiF 2019

Finance@Work is a series of events that provides Masters in Finance (MiF) students with the opportunity to hear from leading practitioners in finance who will share their experiences and views on different aspects of the financial industry. The first Finance@Work event of 2018 was dedicated to Investments in Emerging Markets. Coming from an emerging market country, I was curious to understand the successful strategies and challenges that are encountered in these countries. We had the opportunity to learn from three MiF Alumni whose main area of focus are within emerging markets, specifically private equity investments in Africa, asset management trading and financial infrastructure.

The first part of the event consisted of each speaker introducing themselves, sharing their professional experiences and perspectives on how emerging markets are shaping the financial industry. The speakers gave insights into how to effectively operate in their area of expertise within emerging markets. Among other topics discussed during the event were current developments, investment opportunities and risks throughout emerging markets worldwide. Following the panel discussion, students had the opportunity to actively participate and engage with the speakers, through a dynamic Q&A session.

After the panel discussion, we interacted more informally with the speakers at a networking session. At this event we also welcomed prospective MiF students, who were eager to learn more about the programme and get insights from current students. The Finance@Work session was not only informative, but also a great opportunity to discuss current topics affecting the financial sectors of emerging market countries.


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