Global MiM: My experience and top tips

by José Martín Quesada, GMiM2017

GIFT Silicon Valley

My friends and I during the Silicon Valley GIFT

My name is José and I am the Director of Advisory at Altius. Previously, I was a consultant at McKinsey and launched products while at Google.

Why I chose the Global MiM

When I came to LBS I had two clear ideas: I wanted to have a large, positive impact in the world, and I knew I was good at problem solving (whatever that means!).

I chose the Global Masters in Management (GMiM) for both tactical and strategic reasons:

  1. LBS would allow me to crystallise what those two ideas meant practically for my career
  2. Interacting with tons of inspiring people and listening to visiting companies might open new ways of thinking
  3. The GMiM would take me out of my comfort zone by expecting me to perform at a high level in a completely different culture

Celebrating my Quidditch win on the Great Wall of China

My first career boost: friends, classmates and school clubs

While all those reasons proved valid, perhaps the most valuable thing I took out of the experience was the newfound certainty that everything was possible if I worked hard enough. Seeing people take on leadership roles within the school community and succeed at the most demanding professional challenges completely changed the way I looked at my own capabilities. If my friends and classmates could do all those amazing things, what was stopping me?

I immediately applied to be an officer of the Out in Business (OiB) club, from where I still retain some of my best friends. The experience of organising EurOUT and getting stuff that mattered done was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence at application time.

I was also a treasurer for the Spanish Club, a consultant for the Impact Consulting club, and an MC at the School’s yearly event Tattoo, which proved to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

My parents creating a reputation for me during the first week at Google

My second career boost: getting into data and tech in Shanghai

I eventually landed the role I wanted at McKinsey and went to Shanghai with the mentality of exploring as many new topics as possible before I started my more traditional ‘business’ career. Among other things, I decided to take a class on advanced analytics applied to marketing, something which proved to be a career-defining decision.

Learning applied data science opened new paths for me at McKinsey and at my current company, and it was a true passion I hadn’t had the chance to experiment with practically until then.

Before starting my full-time role, I spent some of the happiest months of my professional career while at Google. I had visited Google several times thanks to LBS (during careers week, during the Silicon Valley GIFT, and thanks to people I met at LBS and OiB-related events). The contacts I made while at LBS and Fudan, and the work I had done for my thesis on the effect of advanced analytics on public sector performance gave me the confidence to apply and enjoy the process.

Some of my LBS friends and me visiting Madrid during World Pride


I still love going back to LBS whenever I get the chance. Not a single LBS person declined to help me with interview prep, CV and cover letter reviews, or networking (and I asked a lot of a lot of people!). Now I love the opportunity to give back by speaking at data-related career events, sponsoring EurOUT in 2018 and recruiting at LBS events.

If you’re hesitant about which career path to take or how LBS fits into that picture, I recommend reaching out to alumni and asking earnest questions. I know that it worked for me!


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