Breaking through the informal review

by Malak Hammoud, Recruitment Manager, MiM, GMiM and MFA

Thank you for your interest in LBS! Now it’s time to get your CV ready to be reviewed.

In the Early Careers team, we offer an informal CV review to assess your eligibility for our programmes: the Masters in Management (MiM), Global Masters in Management (GMiM), Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA) and the Masters in Analytic and Management (MAM). This is your chance to make a great first impression and present the best version of yourself to the Recruitment team.

Due to the volume of applications we receive for our Early Career programmes, you need to make your CV stand out – here are the LBS steps to CV success:

1) Sell yourself

  • Internships– We’re always excited to discover students with interesting, relevant experience. Make sure to highlight any transferable skills you have acquired through internships and how these will elevate your profile. If you have any roles/internships confirmed for the future please do include them.
  • Extra-curricular activities– At LBS we have over 80 sports and social clubs for staff and students. What can you contribute to the student life at LBS? Are you involved in volunteering, project work or sports? We want to know what you’re passionate about.
  • Leadership skills– Be sure to include any positions of responsibility you have held, either as part of your university or outside of your studies. Highlight your accomplishments and be proud of them.
  • International exposure– Lived or studied in multiple countries? Speak a number of languages? We want to know! We have a fantastic global community at LBS and we want to know what you can contribute.

2) Don’t miss out the key information

  • Dates– Make sure you include start and end dates for all qualifications, internships and professional experience, as this helps us to assess your eligibility and potential.
  • Final/predicted grades– Please include your final or predicted grades on your CV. We will convert your final grade to GPA, which will be verified by the Admissions team should you receive an offer.
  • GMAT/GRE– The GMAT/GRE is a prerequisite to submitting a completed application. If you do hold your scores please include them on your CV. If you have not taken the GMAT/GRE then please provide your scheduled test date so we can offer the best advice.

3) CV Layout

  • Keep it to one page– If you can’t fit it on one page, is it that important? Could it be added in any of the application questions? We recommend that you use our 1 page CV template, but you are welcome to submit a CV of your own formatting. You can thank us later!
  • Save space– Education prior to undergraduate degree? Non-relevant work experience? Does it use up valuable space? You only have one chance to make a great first impression so make sure your CV works as hard as you do.

Questions, questions, questions… we love them. If you have any thoughts, queries or suggestions at any stage of the application process then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Student Recruitment Associates. We are here to help you submit the perfect application and we love finding good candidates. Please feel free to reach out to us: MFAMiM, Global MiM or MAM.


4 comments on “Breaking through the informal review”

  1. Parag Reply

    How is the calculation of work experience done? Till the date of application or start date of the course? Also, only full-time work ex or internships are clubbed with full-time work ex to calculate the 2 years?

    • Jasmine Sherman Reply

      Hi Parag, thanks for getting in touch. One of our Recruitment team will be in touch shortly via email to discuss this with you.

  2. Siyi ZHU Reply

    To whom it may concern,

    I am Siyi ZHU. I am applying for master in management program. I hope to get my CV revised. Could you help me? Thank you for your time!


    • Jasmine Sherman Reply

      Hi Siyi, thanks for getting in touch. You can submit your CV for an informal review with our Masters in Management recruitment team here.

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