In conversation with our MBA Student Ambassadors: The London Experience

London has long been considered a global hub for business, but what is it actually like to study in this vibrant city, and even uproot your life to live here whilst studying? MBA Student Ambassadors give their insight into what life in London is like whilst studying our MBA programme.


Coral Kratenstein, MBA2021
“There are many great things about living in London:

  1. London is a very diverse city, and I genuinely believe that anyone can find themselves in this beautiful city. The most common question is: “where are you from?”, which makes me feel like we are all in the same boat, and none of us is a foreigner.
  2. London is a hub for many big corporations, and one can easily find endless attractive opportunities, which is really exciting.
  3. The location is very convenient and close to Europe. Since a big part of the MBA is having some “treks” around the globe, I find it very easy to travel from and to London. Thanks to the great location, we explored many places together (yes, yes, also during the pandemic when we were allowed to travel): Amsterdam, Budapest, Vienna, Val Thorens, Marrakech, Sardinia, to name a few.

When I chose LBS, I didn’t necessarily think that LBS was an integral part of the London community, not only geographically but also because of the extensive involvement and activities. Thanks to LBS being so central, it is almost effortless to organise events, invite external speakers, and organise in-person coffee chats with your local network. You can always find someone from London to talk with about the company you target, which is a huge advantage, and personally helped me build my network and make progress towards my career goal.”


Soufian Zitouni, MBA2021
“When making the decision about where to study, location of the school was one of the factors that was right at the top of the list. I wanted to make sure I would study and live in a big city that would offer great career opportunities for my partner and I. Also, I wanted to make sure to be in a place where I could eventually develop an international career. Finally, I also wanted to be in a city that embraced diversity and was fun to live in.

I was extremely happy with my choice to come to LBS, as London has been an amazing city to study in, especially before the pandemic. Studying at one of the leading business schools in the world, and being located in a major economic hub like London, gives you direct access to all the major companies. A lot of them will come to recruit directly on campus or will be aware of LBS when you reach out and network with industry professionals.  That proximity was invaluable during my recruitment efforts. A couple of times in the first year, I would send emails to meet with people from firms I was interested in and they would reply to me that they just had a meeting cancelled and see if we could meet for coffee in the next hour or so. 

My appreciation of the city has also changed during the pandemic. Before the lockdown, I enjoyed London because there was always something to do and something new to see. During the past year, however, I’ve been able to appreciate all the greenery and parks the city has to offer, but also the quality of the restaurant takeaways in the city!

I think the thing that surprised me the most about London was how diverse, open-minded and approachable of a city it was, even during the pandemic. Living in London has been great and I look forward to starting the next chapter of my career here.”


Lucia Donnangelo, MBA2022
“London definitely contributed to my decision of why I chose LBS. Undoubtedly this city and its eclectic nature is bound to make an MBA experience even more meaningful.

LBS is embedded in one of the most important, dynamic, and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Likewise, one of the world’s tech and financial hubs, two sectors that I am especially interested in. The mix of LBS and London offers great opportunities. Opportunities to explore different internships and projects, to interact with prestigious speakers and acclaimed professors, and to get to know a big part of the alumni community.

At a personal level, I am thrilled to live in a vibrant city that is home to amazing cultural and art expressions, enormous green parks, historical spots, diverse cultures, varied neighbourhoods and restaurants. I will need more than two years to discover it all!”

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