MiF Student Perspective: What makes the Masters in Finance a unique experience?

By Lucky Singh, MiF Recruitment Manager

The Masters in Finance (MiF) programme at LBS is distinguished from other programmes as it is designed for finance professionals with at least 3 years of work experience, and includes: 6 comprehensive core courses, over 40 electives to choose from, 4 concentrations, practitioner courses, professional and technical skills workshops and access to career coaching sessions. As a result, the MiF gives you the knowledge, training and network you need to thrive in your finance career.  

I asked our fantastic Student Ambassador Ana Hidalgo Manzano (MiF PT 2022about what she thinks makes the MiF a unique experience, and how she is finding the programme so far.  

Ana Hidalgo MiF PT

Why did you decide to study the MiF at LBS? What makes the MiF unique?  

“I joined the MiF to sharpen my finance skills, advance my career and enhance my professional network while working. LBS is the best platform as it offers a wide range of options that allows me to tailor my experience to achieve my goals. This unique value proposition is not available in any other executive education institution.”  

What has surprised you about the MiF so far?  

“Besides the impressive number of resources that the School offers (career coaches, sector advisors and technical skills workshops etc), I think the most valuable asset so far is the quality of my cohort. They are really smart people in their fields and the professional and cultural diversity of the class is very enriching for all of us.”  

What has been your favourite aspect of the MiF?  

“I personally enjoy the practitioner courses. I find them very practical, as they provide an insightful perspective about the industry, the challenges as well as the opportunities. In addition, they always bring amazing guest speakers to the table, and the sessions are very interactive.”  

What clubs have you got involved in and how have they benefited you?  

“I am part of the Executive Committee of the Foodie Club, in the Marketing team. Besides getting to know people from other programmes (including MBAs and MiMs), I am learning about how to articulate a marketing strategy. I am now more conscious about the effort that all of the clubs put in behind the scenes to make things happen for the LBS community. In addition, the Investment Management Club and the Women in Business club have an amazing agenda of events that I always make time for.”  

What advice would you give prospective MiF students to help prepare them for the programme and business school experience?  

“You will be starting your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it will be over in the blink of an eye so, make the most of it! Find out what you want to get out of the MiF and use the LBS resources to get yourself into that. Make sure you speak to current Students and Alumni. Network as much as you can and make sure you have fun along the way!” 

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