My life on the MFA


By Isahelen Chen, MFA2022

No two weeks are the same at LBS. One reason is that LBS has a unique class schedule—we have two to three courses every two months and then take finals afterward. The other reason is that there’s a wide range of things to do here, from curricular and extra-curricular to professional.

My typical week
Typically, I have 4-6 lectures every week, depending on how many classes I’m taking during the term. The number could go up a little if I have more elective courses. For the core courses, I only take it with my programme colleagues; however, for the electives, I can meet colleagues from other programmes such as MiM, MBA, EMBA, etc.
There are so many opportunities to meet people who are from different cultures and backgrounds—different nationalities, different educational backgrounds and different levels of working experience. There is also a lot of teamwork and group projects that can help improve my soft skills when I collaborate with my study group members. In addition to my classes, I usually arrange myself 1-2 career coaching sessions per week, especially during the first term (the recruitment season). There are career coaches from multiple different industries—investment banking, consulting, asset management, PE/VC, and technology.

On weekends, I participate in various student events, for example, the board game event and the social dance gathering; these events are organised by student clubs where we can go out and have fun together. It’s also worth mentioning the Sundowners events that happen on Thursdays. It is a great opportunity to connect with colleagues from and outside of my programme.

Outside of my regular week
Besides the typical weekly schedule, we do have other interesting opportunities such as the LBCW (London Business Challenge Week) and the GIFT (Global Immersion Field Trip). During LBCW, groups of students spend one week of time providing business solutions to help client companies out and achieve their enterprise goals. GIFT gives us a chance to travel internationally to visit different companies and experience local cultures. Both opportunities allow us to apply what we have learned during class into practice as well as connect with other students.

Why LBS?
Apart from the rich and wonderful life schedule, another reason I like LBS is because of the people. At LBS, I can always communicate with inspired and talented colleagues, from topics like schoolwork to more interesting social talks. Everyone is supportive and caring that we all make progress together, encouraging each other.

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  1. Yunqi YE Reply

    Hi Isahelen, thank you so much for your wonderful sharing! I really hope to join the MFA2023 class and be part of the LBS community! Wish all the best to LBS!

  2. Qianyu Dou Reply

    Thanks for sharing Isahelen, it is lovely to read your informative and captivating blog. I would love to join the MFA class in 2023 FALL and become one member of LBS community! Wish you every success in your future career and have a happy life.

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