Our Early Careers Student Ambassadors tell us about their LBS journey so far: MAM

When applying to London Business School it is usually the global ranking, course and faculty that you will research. What is even more valuable information is what it is like to study here and be a part of the LBS community. In a three-part series we meet current Student Ambassadors from our Early Careers programmes to get their insight on what surprised them the most about starting at LBS and what their highlights have been so far.

In this installment, we speak to our newly-recruited Student Ambassadors from the Masters in Analytics and Management (MAM).

What has surprised you most since joining LBS?

Ishita Gupta (MAM 2021):
“The thing which surprised me the most is how welcoming everyone is and how they respect my culture so much. I have had the most amazing conversations with people from over 50 nationalities about the kind of culture we have, and discussing literally everything from how the technology sector works in India to the kind of food we eat. I have also hosted a few Bollywood nights with Indian food and I am glad to see how my peers are getting used to the spices!”

Joseph Perrin (MAM 2021):
“Even though the value of London Business School’s network was one of the main reasons for wanting to join the school, I am so far positively surprised to see how inclusive the LBS community is. Everyone from alumni to mentor, academic body to Career Centre is an extremely helpful asset in the building of my career. I felt straight away very well supported by the career center which constantly works to provide us with opportunities to discover our interests and meet our future employers. Moreover, the alumni network is easily accessible and responsive, which allows students to meet and exchange with experienced professionals in many different fields.”

Johanna Jeffery (MAM 2021):
“Just how friendly and helpful everyone is! Even though many of us are targeting very similar roles and career paths, the atmosphere is extremely encouraging and inspiring. I think this is most evident from the use of the Course group chat. With everything starting online, the group chat was the chance for everyone to ask questions and get help. It seems second nature for everyone to share interesting events/opportunities they have found and help others out in every way possible. People frequently give helpful reminders, round ups of deadlines, when homework and group coursework is due, just to help others keep on top of the work load!”

What have your highlights been so far in the LBS journey?

Zichen Wang (MAM 2021):
“My study group is definitely the highlight of my LBS experience so far. Before school started, I did not quite understand why LBS preferred to assign student groups rather than letting us choose our own collaborators. After all, we had to deal with the same group in every group projects for the entire term. But this school-assigned group turned out to support me through the process of adapting to the LBS environment.

We are five persons from six different countries, we speak English with different accents, we all have diverse academic and professional backgrounds. It is our similarity in personality that makes us combined, and our diversity that creates the best teamwork.”

Johanna Jeffery (MAM 2021):
“The highlight of my LBS experience so far would be the confidence I’ve gained, even in such a short space of time. This has come from not only receiving a space on the MAM course, but also increasingly from interactive career sessions, and professional development. Furthermore, the encouragement to go for roles such as Student Ambassador or ExCo positions and being successful in these applications is so rewarding and builds this confidence even further.”

Ishita Gupta (MAM 2021):
“I think we definitely had a very compromised experience of LBS to the current pandemic, but the best part has been how connected we all are despite the adversity. We got the opportunity to attend in-person classes and even though we all do not get to see each other so often, we have developed a really good bond and a feeling of belonging. All of us try to stay connected and meet each other, get to know each other and I think that has been the most exciting thing for me at LBS.”

To learn more about our MAM programme, please visit our website.

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