Our Early Careers Student Ambassadors tell us about their LBS journey so far: MFA

When applying to London Business School it is usually the global ranking, course and faculty that you will research. What is even more valuable information is what it is like to study here and be a part of the LBS community. In a three-part series we meet current Student Ambassadors from our Early Careers programmes to get their insight on what surprised them the most about starting at LBS and what their highlights have been so far.

In this installment, we speak to our newly-recruited Student Ambassadors from the Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA).

London Business School’s Career Centre is here for you from the start of your journey, and is a resource our Student Ambassadors were making use of during their first few weeks with us:

Chushi Guo (MFA 2021):
“What has surprised me most since joining LBS is the amount of social and career opportunities offered in the community. Both the student clubs and Career Centre have allowed me to broaden my horizon, explore different opportunities and connect with talented individuals across the programmes.”

Deepak Guneja (MFA 2021):
“Although the classes and all the other activities started virtually, the intense coursework, numerous club activities, and extensive career support provided by LBS is commendable. You can feel that even though it’s all virtual for now, LBS has very well maintained the quality of its education and support, the thing for which LBS is known for!”

Peter Moravec (MFA 2021):
“The extensive career preparation provided by the Career Centre, both in terms of workshops, information sessions and also materials provided has been even more helpful than expected. It can be challenging to keep up with all the sessions, but thankfully there are recordings to go over when you find the time during your busy schedule.”

Now well into their first term, we asked our Student Ambassadors what their highlights have been so far in their LBS journey:

Farhan Ali (MFA 2021):
“My highlight at LBS so far has undoubtedly been socialising with students from so many different countries. I’ve already made friends from 20 different countries and I haven’t even met half of my cohort yet. The best thing about befriending people from different countries is that you never run out of topics to talk about. The chance to learn about their cultures, their journeys to LBS, and their future career paths is undoubtedly the highlights of my LBS experience so far.”

Jules Noel (MFA 2021):
“The highlight of my LBS experience so far is the Rugby Club. Although I never played before nor have I the typical profile for it, the club could not be more inclusive. At the beginning of October, we had the chance to go to a tournament together one hour from the LBS. It was a truly great day, meeting new people and learning the game. The club takes plenty of initiatives to advise students on their career or the life at LBS or even train for the recruiting season. Especially in these times, this is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and live the LBS life at its best.”

Luca Toraldo (MFA2021):
“LBS is proving to be very resilient when it comes to the current Covid-19 pandemic. One of the many initiatives I am enjoying the most is online networking with fellow classmates. Not only I have met new friends, but I also learned how to communicate effectively through new emerging platform such as Zoom and WebEx.”

Erkka Salo (MFA 2021):
“The highlight of my year has definitely been the people I have met so far. I know it sounds cliché but experiencing the cohort of 40 plus nationalities creates an atmosphere like no other. With the global mentality and passion for diversity, my fellow students have shared interesting perspectives and values with me. With these insights, I have already learned a tremendous amount from my new friends and I cannot wait what the remaining of the year will bring along.”

To learn more about our MFA programme, please visit our website.

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