Our Early Careers Student Ambassadors tell us about their LBS journey so far: MiM & GMiM

When applying to London Business School it is usually the global ranking, course and faculty that you will research. What is even more valuable information is what it is like to study here and be a part of the LBS community. In a three-part series we meet current Student Ambassadors from our Early Careers programmes to get their insight on what surprised them the most about starting at LBS and what their highlights have been so far.

In this installment, we speak to our newly-recruited Student Ambassadors from the Masters in Management (MiM) and Global Masters in Management (GMiM) programmes.

Our Student Ambassadors share what surprised them most about joining London Business School:

Josephine Parquet (MiM 2021):
“The openness of each one of us. Every person I have met so far is smart and has a great story to tell. We are all different and come from very different countries and cultures, but we all share the same openness and will to learn new things. There are always activities going on and opportunities to try something new. For example, in my first month I attended my first boxing class, climbed my first wall and, from a professional perspective, learnt more about Tech than I had in the past years. The support between students and relentless positivity truly motivate me to constantly improve myself.”

Alice Blanchard (MiM 2021):
“I was surprised by the wealth and diversity of career-related events, like the workshops on how to make compelling cover letters or how to shape’s one personal story to a specific position.”

Giulia Galvani (GMiM 2021):
“What has surprised me the most since joining LBS was discovering how down to earth people in the cohort are. For being a top-ranked business school, LBS has a very collaborative environment, that allows the students to build trust and long-lasting relationships with each other. This friendly vibe not only allows us to make the best of the networking experience that the year at LBS represents but also to enjoy at most a hectic and very busy year.”

Despite the challenges that this year has given our students, meeting and working alongside like-minded and friendly people has been a highlight for so many of them:

Benjamin Arndt (MiM 2021):
“As clichéd as it may sound, the highlight of my experience with LBS so far has been its community. Every day since the day I came to London, I have had the chance to meet new people from all parts of the world with different backgrounds, experiences, stories and interests. From a pilot or former professional basketball player, to an architect with more than 10 years experience, to a girl who grew up in 5 different countries, LBS students are diverse, open-minded, ambitious and motivating. This, coupled with the school’s countless opportunities to engage with this incredible community, whether through sports, interest, regional or professional clubs, makes the school a great place to broaden your horizons, build an international network and discover the world, all from a small place in the heart of London.”

Finn Dardis Green (MiM 2021):
“The highlight of my LBS experience so far is meeting my cohort. Coming to LBS, I did not expect the degree of friendliness and solidarity my peers have exhibited. Especially during the COVID period, this support has been truly incredible.”

Alexandra Tristant (MiM 2021):
“The highlight of my LBS experience so far is undoubtedly the human and social part of it.  In less than a month, I have meet so many wonderful people and we have already forged strong ties and meaningful relationships with each other. I knew that the sense of community was very strong at LBS, but I didn’t expect it to be that strong. Certainly the best part of the experience is to enter this community and engage with bright, diverse and enjoyable students. It is really amazing how open-minded people are and how easy it is to engage with everyone. Despite all the restrictions related to Covid-19, we have been able to organise informal meetings and spend great time together.”

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