Recruitment Forum at LBS

by Paige Morgan, Recruitment Coordinator, Early Careers

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend the Recruitment Forum hosted on campus by our Careers Centre. The event was a great opportunity for LBS students to get a better understanding of a variety of employers, how they recruit and when. Not only this, it was also an opportunity for employers to learn more about the London Business School recruitment market.

Throughout the event a variety of sessions took place, including panels, roundtable discussions and presentations. To kick off the day Ed Dallas, our Head of Employer Engagement, delved into the wide offering of the Careers Centre, as well as how programme developments help students to become the quality candidates that employers are looking for. Likewise, further information was given to employers regarding the specific LBS talent pools across programmes. This helped the employers to understand further which programmes may be of interest to them to recruit from, as well as understanding when it is in the term that students begin their employment search.

A very insightful student panel took place covering the majority of our programmes. During the panel, students explained their careers aims when they began studying at London Business School, their employment search and the jobs they have now secured. Some of the students had secured a job in their initial area of interest although others had a career switch, which is something we remind students is to be expected. The panel closed with the students explaining the events and presentations that they found most helpful during their search.

The roundtable discussions focused on areas such as how companies attract talent as well as how they select this talent in the competitive job market. Students went away with a good idea of how to put their best self forward when applying and gained a better understanding of the employer’s side of the application process.

The event really highlighted the amazing, continued work that the Careers Centre does to help provide our students with the best industry insights as well as an incredible array of connections and employment events. Another area that LBS prides itself on!


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