Studying the Masters in Finance Part Time as a Commuter

by Simone Dalle Nogare, Masters in Finance Part Time 2023

As I reflect on my successful first year at London Business School, if I were asked ‘”would you do it again despite the challenges?” My answer would be a resounding YES!

Studying the Masters in Finance (MiF) on a part-time basis is demanding and requires discipline to succeed. Studying whilst commuting from outside of the UK provides an additional challenge – it requires travelling to and from London Business School for lectures. As a commuter, you also need to share your class and travel schedule with your employer well in advance to allow adjustments as appropriate. If you have a family and are parenting, you also need to plan effectively to ensure your family’s day-to-day needs are still met whilst you are away.    

As the first year comprises mainly of core classes, travelling tends to be more frequent in comparison to the second year, where travelling will be determined by your chosen electives.  

The most important consideration for a commuter are the time and cost of travelling to and from London Business School, and the associated accommodation costs. For my first year of studies, there were additional factors to consider due to the pandemic. Fortunately, those travel requirements are now a thing of the past.

Taking all this into consideration, I wanted to share with you my four main reasons for choosing to study at London Business School:

  1. Professional Focus: I sought to keep developing my career and knowledge in the Alternative Investments area. London Business School has the right balance of prestigious lecturers who deliver the electives that would help me progress my aspirations, coupled with a variety of clubs dedicated to Private Equity, Venture Capital, Finance and Investment Management. The clubs also offer additional learning and networking opportunities with industry guest speakers who attend club events.   
  2. Technical knowledge: The core courses and electives on offer at London Business School allowed me to refresh and deepen my knowledge, whilst keeping up to date with the latest developments in the financial sector. The courses were intense and challenging but investing energy and effort will produce the right results – what you put in, will be matched by what you get out! 
  3. Networking: The Masters in Finance allows you to build a vast and diverse network of like-minded professionals (professors, students and alumni) who have similar aspirations, and are able to provide career support. Through my experience at London Business School, I have developed close contacts and life-long friends across different geographies and business sectors. 
  4. Reputation: London Business School has been consistently ranked #1 for the Masters in Finance programme. This offers a strong reputation and brand which is supported by world-class lecturers that provide cutting-edge learning. Being based in the financial capital of Europe, London Business School is the ideal gateway to employment opportunities in the City. 

All in all, the programme teaches a great balance of technical and soft skills that will help you become a well-rounded individual who can step into the ever-changing finance domain and thrive.  

It has been a great privilege being part of the London Business School community and I look forward to my continued involvement with the School even after graduation as an alumnus and LBS Ambassador. 

You can find out more about the Masters in Finance Part-time programme here, or by reaching out to our Recruitment team via email at

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