The MiM Study Group Experience; Meet Josephine Parquet MiM2021

By Alex Hurd, MiM & GMiM Student Recruitment Associate

A key study technique at LBS focusses on working collaboratively and study groups are used across all the courses. We spoke to three Masters in Management 2021 students to get their thoughts on how their experiences went.

In this final instalment in this blog series, we catch up with Josephine Parquet MiM2021 to hear about her experience.

Hi Josephine! To begin, can you please give a brief overview of your study group?
All my study groups went super well. I was really lucky. My first study group had two Chinese, one Austrian, one Belgium, and one Algerian making up the six. Most of us were coming from business backgrounds apart from one who came from international politics. One person was also from an economics background but was less quantitative so it was good for her to be supported by us. From September to December I was with the same study group for term one. For term one in January, I had a new study group which was also full of very nice people. There was a Greek person, a guy from the Netherlands, a Chinese girl, and an Indian. I think something that really helped at the beginning was the coaching sessions. At the beginning of each study group we met with a coach who asked more personal questions and created a team contract that defined everyone’s responsibilities and rules in the group. One was more of the leader and we were all were assigned roles which worked really well.

What projects did you do?
Can you go into some details about the main challenges and successes you had? We had our core classes, so it was financing, accounting marketing and we had group classes around them. It was normally a case with a specific set of questions on around a set problem. We also had the integrated modules one was in the middle and one was at the end of the terms. One was on data analytics and organizational behaviour and we had to do a bigger project around these two key areas. The second one was around inequalities at work and we had to take a company and identify issues such as gender pay gaps or racism – the kind of issues that can often pop up at work. So this was very interesting as it was a longer project and everyone was working hard on it for a week.

What was the most rewarding part of your study group?
I have to say my study group experience was very easy and everyone was super nice. I got to meet people I wouldn’t have necessarily got the chance to meet. We met loads of time and it was great to meet different people. Sometimes it was difficult with the work load and some of the constant Zoom calls we would be saying ‘oh come on guys this is hard’.

In all my study groups I took on the leadership part and I was the coordinator of the different things in the group. I didn’t realise it before but people really appreciated it. I was always trying in a nice way to get people to meet and really pushing to have a bond between the groups. I think it worked out pretty well each time and it was super rewarding for me and I also understood I really like the people part of any job. It has made me realise I want to have this in my future jobs, I don’t want to be working alone behind my computer – I really like working in teams with different people.

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