What makes EMBA Global worth the investment?

By Eric Saikali – Recruitment Associate, Leadership Programmes

Our Executive MBA Global programme here at London Business School, which is offered in partnership with Columbia Business School in New York City, is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind programme. In the current business climate and with so many Global EMBA offerings out there to choose from, though, one common question that our Admissions team gets asked by prospective students is: what makes our EMBA Global programme so worth the investment?

I asked three of our notable EMBA Global alumni, Gavin Macmillan (class of 2021), Davut Mazalto (class of 2023), and Edgar Nunez (class of 2023), what exactly made the programme stand out from the rest.

Gavin: “As an alum of the EMBA Global programme, I can confidently say it was a valuable investment that has brought me significant personal and professional growth. The programme offered a unique, immersive experience, blending world-class business education with the chance to study and network with future business leaders from across the globe.

One highlight was the partnership with Columbia Business School in New York City, granting access to two top universities and the chance to learn and experience life in two of the world’s most dynamic cities. The professors were exceptional, leading experts in their fields, and their practical experience enhanced the learning process.

I was thoroughly impressed by the new skills I gained from Professor Selin Kesebir’s Negotiation & Bargaining elective, which undoubtedly improved my negotiation skills. I’m grateful for these skills, as I now use them daily.”

Davut: “Obviously, admission to this programme means that you and your peers are proven leaders. However, this programme is the formula to “Success Square” as Dean François Ortalo-Magné shared with us during orientation. Professors you’ll get to learn from, the visitors they’ll bring to classes, and the international assignments that you’ll get to do will enlarge your vision to yet another level.

As someone who lived and worked in EMEA and is now living in the US, attending a programme that’d give me the highest form of achievement accepted on both sides was crucial.

Today I have access to alumni of both amazing institutions in any country in the world. I personally have connected with alumni from Melbourne to Hawaii; they are all in great positions and are willing to spend time and build relationships, which tells you about the culture you’ll walk into.”

Edgar: “First, the world-class quality & reputation from a centennial Ivy League school and one of Europe’s most renowned business schools. This status will follow you for the rest of your career. Second, a vast global network of 97,000 alumni that is only equated by a very limited number of schools around the globe. And finally, a multi-modal learning experience because one analyzes real business problems through lectures, case studies, study groups, and experiential activities such as seminars and Global Business Assignments (GBA).

Electives provide further time flexibility for EMBA Global students because they can combine other class formats like weeknights, modular blocks, Friday/Saturday, or Saturday only, as well as more global locations like the LBS Dubai campus or international seminars and GBAs in countries like Argentina, China, and South Africa, to mention a few. I had the opportunity to learn from outstanding business leaders that attended school events or participated as guest speakers for our courses, such as Indra Nooyi, Tim Steiner, Ken Frazier, Christina Riley, and James Gorman. You will also be immediately challenged by experienced faculty and constantly learn from other students inside and outside of the classroom.

As a finance person myself, I would simply put it this way: the return on investment of the EMBA Global programme compounds from day one.”

For further information about the Executive MBA Global programme, follow this link.

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