Why I chose London Business School: Women at LBS – Adesola Ajayi, MBA2024

By Adesola Ajayi (MBA2024)

I chose LBS for a number of reasons. First, I was drawn to LBS’s diversity. With over 60 nationalities represented and over 90% of the class coming from outside the UK, I was eager to immerse myself in a truly international community. The prospect of learning from and connecting with classmates from diverse backgrounds and professional experiences was appealing, as I knew it would provide me with a unique and enriching learning experience.

Another big attraction for me was the location in London. Being in one of the financial centres of the world, I was keen to leverage LBS’ strategic location to gain practical experience across various sectors. The buzzing business hub of Europe offered limitless opportunities, and with a background in consumer goods and emerging markets, I’ve had the opportunity to explore different industries, from start-ups in the Food Tech sector to consulting.

Additionally, I wanted time to reflect on my career journey so far, reassess my interests, and chart a path for my mid to long-term career goals. LBS’ flexible curriculum presented the perfect opportunity for this introspection. As I interacted with current students and alumni, I felt genuine warmth and support within the LBS community, reinforcing my belief that it was the ideal place for me to embark on this transformative journey.

As an Engineer, with a background in consumer goods at P&G and extensive business experience across sub-Saharan Africa, I recognised the unique perspective and value I could bring to the LBS community. I was thrilled by the prospect of contributing fresh insights and valuable perspectives to classroom discussions, while also enriching the cultural diversity of the class as a black woman.

One of my most memorable experiences at LBS thus far has been involvement in the Women in Business (WIB) Club’s executive committee. Serving as a WIB EQUALL Conference Speakers Lead, I was a part of the planning committee of our flagship WIB EQUALL Conference. I had the opportunity to engage with inspiring female leaders across different sectors, and I was honoured to speak at the Conference, where I moderated the “Sharing the Load: The Modern Household” panel. It was so inspiring to hear from the speakers, as they unravelled the art of balancing parenting and building successful careers.

I’ve been most excited about meeting people from diverse backgrounds, forging lifelong friendships, creating unforgettable memories by exploring never-before-visited cities with classmates as part of the international treks and Global Experience program, and broadening my business perspectives by exploring new sectors!

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