Why lessons from the EMBA-Global can be utilised right away

One of the many aspects of the EMBA-Global that make it stand out is that the lessons learnt on the programme can be applied into your work right away. The part-time nature of the programme allows you to implement your skills into your work and feel the positive benefits in your career from the start.

We asked current students, Kwame Bekoe and Ivo Batista, both EMBA-Global Americas & Europe 2023 students, what they felt the immediate benefits have been since joining the programme.

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Kwame Bekoe
I had always been looking to do an MBA at a world class institution in a global setting at some stage in my career. Coming from an Aviation background which had seen a significant decline in 2020, I felt this would not only give me the opportunity to focus and dedicate the time needed, but it was clear that the industry as a whole would need to change and prepare for a new normal, and that would take a particular type of leader.

The diversity and scope of the individuals on the EMBA programme, together with its world class professors, facilitates discussions that have depth and cover a broad array of subject matters. The perspectives gleaned and shared enable us to further collaborate and learn to apply science and analytics to decision making, leading to a successful overall outcome. This thinking has led me, as a leader, to become more deliberate in decision-making, while applying the lesson’s learnt and best practices from differing sectors and industries.

Self introspection and simply knowing oneself has been one of the most valuable tools instilled in us for personal and leadership development. Over the period of the programme, I’ve learnt to truly hone into who I am, my values and where I see myself going, and this has given me a clear sense of direction and focus to navigate my personal and professional life. The application of skills and tools has helped me develop significantly over the course of the programme, and grow to become a better leader.

Ivo Batista
My primary objectives for joining the EMBA-Global programme were to develop a better awareness of myself, the evolving global market place and leadership traits through exposure to the leading academic thinking in two leading educational organisations; and most importantly, to build relationships with and learn from the leaders around me in the programme. Armed with these new insights, relationships and a rekindled appetite for personal and professional growth, I continue to look for exciting challenges in which I can create value.

The leadership aspects of the course have been incredibly valuable to me, providing frameworks and insights from leaders in academia and industry that I’ve begun to assimilate into my own thinking and used to further refine my values and objectives. The strategy courses have also been particularly useful in refreshing and building on knowledge sets that have greater relevance in my role and are something that I plan to use much more directly in shaping my thinking and engagement with stakeholders.

I’ve found the broad exposures through the course have helped me to connect the many aspects of business more effectively and to improve my communication with stakeholders, aligning my messaging (both written and verbal) to audiences more effectively. 

I’ve also found that the very fact that I’m doing the programme appears to have driven a shift in stakeholder perception of my views, particularly outside my areas of expertise. 

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