EMBA-Global Admissions Process

By Elena Aldea, Recruitment and Admissions Manager – EMBA Global & Sloan

Our Executive MBA Global Americas & Europe programme, run in partnership with the prestigious Columbia Business School is considered as one of the world’s leading EMBA programmes. The admissions process mirrors the rigour of the programme itself, grounded in academic excellence, in order to build a class comprised of the strongest candidates and future leaders.

The admissions stages are as it follows:

Application submission
The application is completed online and candidates have the chance to review and edit any information in the form prior to submitting. There are 7 main components: an application form, most-recent CV, three essay questions, scanned copies of academic transcripts, two references, a company support letter from the employer, and an EA/GMAT test. It’s very important to upload all relevant documents from the beginning, as we are not able to progress an application to the next phase unless the application is fully complete.

Review stage
Once the application comes up in our system as complete, we will begin the review process. The decisions are usually communicated within 7 business days. Towards the end of the cycle, the review period is usually even less.

The interview is held with a member of our Admissions Team at either LBS or CBS, depending on the residential territory of the applicant. It lasts approximately 40-45 minutes, followed by a 5-10 minutes Q&A session. The key objectives are to ascertain the fit between the candidate and the programme, explore the application in more depth as well as the synergy between the background, objectives, and the level of contribution within the class.

There are 3 scenarios in terms of the outcome. If successful, candidates can receive either a conditional or unconditional offer. If the Committee needs some more time to decide, candidates will be placed on a waitlist. Or, if unsuccessful, candidates can be rejected or asked to reapply to our future streams.

Ready for a new journey?

Our last two deadlines for EMBAG2024 are approaching, with the class commencing in May 2022. If you wish to have your profile assessed before applying, followed by a personalised chat with our team, feel free to get in touch at embaglobal@london.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!

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