Do you want to meet our team and learn more about our programmes? We have some really exciting events coming up this month that will answer all your questions to give you some insight into studying at London Business School.

UK & IrelandDate
MBA Overview05/08/2022
Q&A with the Early Career Recruitment and Admissions Team09/08/2022
Early Career Talk and Tour on Campus12/08/2022
Masters in Finance Talk and Tour on Campus12/08/2022
MBA Overview12/08/2022
MBA Open Day13/08/2022
Belonging at LBS: Meet the Women in Business Club15/08/2022
Optimising your career with TPI: Fair Pay16/08/2022
MBA Open Evening24/08/2022
Early Careers Open Evening24/08/2022
Masters in Finance Open Evening24/08/2022
SLN: Introduction to the programme25/08/2022
MBA Overview26/08/2022
The benefits of the Executive MBA: Business Education for non-Business Professionals 31/08/2022
Coffee Chats in Paris 26/08/2022
The MBA Tour – Paris 27/08/2022
Coffee Chats in Milan 29/08/2022
Meet LBS in Milan 29/08/2022
The MBA Tour – Milan 30/08/2022
Coffee Chats in Frankfurt 31/08/2022
North America & Canada
Coffee Chats in New York16/08/2022 – 17/08/2022
Forte Forum in New York16/08/2022
Forte Forum in New York17/08/2022
Forte Forum in Boston18/08/2022
Coffee Chats in Boston19/08/2022
Forte Forum in San Francisco22/08/2022
Coffee Chats in San Francisco23/08/2022
Coffee Chats in Chicago25/08/2022
Forte Forum in Chicago25/08/2022
Coffee Chats in Washington DC29/08/2022
Forte Forum in Washington DC29/08/2022
The MBA Tour – Mexico City 13/08/2022
Coffee Chats in Mexico City 15/08/2022
Meet LBS in Mexico City 15/08/2022
South America
Coffee Chats in Sao Paulo05/08/2022
The MBA Tour – Sao Paulo 06/08/2022
Coffee Chats in Santiago 08/08/2022
Meet LBS in Santiago 08/08/2022
Coffee Chats in Lima 10/08/2022 – 11/08/2022
Meet LBS in Lima 10/08/2022
Sloan Alumni Lunch in Sao Paulo 18/08/2022
Premier EMBA – Latin America Online Event 27/08/2022
Australia & New Zealand
MBA Tour – Australia and New Zealand03/08/2022

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