LBS Sloan: The next steps for an offer holder

By Elena Aldea, Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Sloan & EMBA-Global

Here you are – after a rigorous, but productive admissions process, you’ve secured a place on the Sloan programme and it was worth every step and hurdle. The process that follows an unconditional offer might sometimes be quicker for a later applicant. Below is a comprehensive list of the next steps to complete before starting your studies:

  • Financial arrangements

Once you’ve accepted an offer, you need to make sure you have all the financial arrangements and paperwork in place before starting at LBS. This will also be helpful when applying for your visa (if you need one). To learn more about the options available, please see our website.

  • Visa

If you require a visa, we will be able to issue the CAS number for you as soon as all the requirements are met. In case you are coming from a high-risk country, our Visa Team needs to check your financial statements. If you’re coming from a low-risk country the process will be much easier. Once these steps completed, we issue the CAS within 5 working days, after which you can apply for your visa. To learn more about the Visa process and to find out if you’re eligible for a student Visa, please read our blog post.

  • Student platforms & Admits events

The LBS login details will be sent to you closer to the end of the cycle in order to give everyone the same amount of time to familiarise yourself with the student platforms, such as Canvas – the platform that you will use throughout the whole year to access the reading materials, recordings and updates.

Networking will be done from the start of your admissions via the Linked-In group specifically made for the cohort and our newest platform – Meet LBS. It was exclusively designed to enhance networking opportunities and relationship building amongst your classmates as well as the wider LBS community. In addition, the Admissions and Programme Office Teams will organize Admits events whose aim is to get to know your stream better.

  • Pre-courses

The onboarding process is very important, because once you join the student platforms, you will receive some tasks which require you to take 2 surveys and to complete some pre-courses before the Orientation Week starts. These include the ‘Data Analytics’, ‘Accounting’ and ‘Finance’ Online pre-courses.

  • Accommodation

Joining the Sloan programme comes with the commitment to move to London for that specific year, therefore one key aspect to consider will be the accommodation. This will depend on the needs, requirements and budget, as well as the area you wish to live in. An estimation cost for a family moving to London would be around £30,000-£45,000, while for a single person in a shared place would come to £25,000-£30,000. For those relocating with children, you will also have to keep in mind the necessary arrangements for childcare or schooling. You can read our blog post from an LBS Sloan alumni with useful tips for making the move to London.

You can get in contact with our Sloan Recruitment & Admissions team via this email address:

To learn more about the programme, please visit our website.

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