Do you want to meet our team in your nearest city and learn more about our programmes? We have some really exciting events coming up this month that will answer all your questions to give you some insight into studying at London Business School.

UK & IrelandDate
Masters in Finance Talk and Tour on Campus11/11/2022
MBA Talk and Tour on Campus11/11/2022
Graduate Masters Talk and Tour on Campus11/11/2022
Executive MBA Reception24/11/2022
MBA Open Day26/11/2022
Premier EMBA – London29/11/2022
QS Connect Masters: Italy10/11/2022
E-fellows Masters Day – Zurich15/11/2022
QS Connect Masters: Germany and Austria17/11/2022
Coffee Chats in Bangkok21-22/11/2022
QS World Grad School Tour: Bangkok21/11/2022
Meet LBS in Bangkok22/11/2022
North America
Coffee Chats in New York15-18/11/2022
Leadership Programmes: Coffee Chats in New York17-18/11/2022
Premier EMBA – New York City17/11/2022
South America
QS Connect Masters: Latam Business Masters10/11/2022
Coffee Chats in Sydney17/11/2022
Meet LBS in Sydney17/11/2022
Coffee Chats in Melbourne30/11/2022
MBA Overview04/11/2022
Customising your EMBA journey: electives and global experiences07/11/2022
Graduate Masters Programmes: Student Perspective08/11/2022
MBA Overview11/11/2022
Masters in Finance: In conversation with MiF Students15/11/2022
MBA Overview18/11/2022
Life post Executive MBA London and Dubai21/11/2022
Q&A with the Graduate Masters Recruitment and Admissions Team22/11/2022
MBA Overview25/11/2022
Masters in Finance Career Journey with Alumni28/11/2022

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