Top 3 tips on submitting a strong Masters in Finance Application

By Greg Moore (Senior Admissions Manager, Masters in Finance)

By way of introduction, my name is Greg Moore and I am the Senior Admissions Manager for the Masters in Finance programmes.

I have nearly a decade of experience reviewing business school applications and in this article I would like to share my top three tips for submitting a strong application to the Masters in Finance programmes at LBS.

Tip 1:

If I had to pick one element of the application that needs to be clear and well presented, it is your CV.  Your CV is “the front page” of your application and should wholly cover your professional/academic history in the briefest way possible. Although information typically found in your CV will be revisited elsewhere, it should succinctly tell the story of your professional journey from beginning to present. That means it should be achievement-focused (rather than listing your responsibilities), concise and confined to a single page. You should try not to leave any gaps in your professional history and not undersell or overinflate your accomplishments.

Please see our 1 page CV template here.

Tip 2:

When answering the essay questions, address each part of each question, within the word limit. For example, question one asks “What are your career objectives?” and “What alternatives are you considering?” It is important to answer both in a way that is unambiguous to the reader.

Tip 3:

Talk to student ambassadors, alumni and LBS staff where possible and reference your due diligence. Some of the application questions will ask you about the individuals you have spoken to who are connected with LBS or events you have attended. Choosing to go to business school is an important decision and one that should be taken after thorough research of your options.

Connect with our current MIF Student Ambassadors here.

To begin your journey Submit your profile here , our Recruitment team would love to hear from you. In the meantime you may wish to sign up to our online or in-person events.

You can find our full deadline calendar for the full-time programme here and for the part-time programme here.

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