Over the festive period of Friday 24th December to Monday 3rd January 2021, London Business School is closed. The students take this time to take a break, recharge their batteries and often head back home. It’s the same for the staff and faculty at the school! Therefore please expect a small delay in response to any emails or queries.

If you are submitting your application over this festive period and are looking for advice or clarification, our Students and Admissions blog, the FAQs and general website contain an array of information you may find useful.

As a reminder, these are the upcoming programme deadlines in January:

Early Careers Programmes (MiM, Global MiM, MAM & MFA)

  • Round Three Deadline: 24th January 2022

MBA Programme

  • Round Two Deadline: 6th January 2022

MiF Full-time/ MiF Part-time Programmes

  • Round Three Deadline: 5th January 2022

Our Leadership programmes are finalising the EMBA & LBS Sloan classes that begin in January 2022.

We are still accepting strong applications for the January 2022 LBS Sloan intake. Please contact our Sloan team for further information and eligibility.

There are limited spaces available for strong candidates for the EMBA London and Dubai programme. Please get in touch with our EMBA team for further information and eligibility.

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